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Are Stiltz lifts safe?
Every Stiltz lift comes with the following safety features:
  • Interlock

  • Key switch

  • Floor lid cover

  • Weight limit sensors

  • Hold-to-run controls

  • Fall arrest mechanism

  • Out of balance sensors

  • Emergency stop button

  • Half-height light curtain

  • Top & bottom safety pans

What if...?
  • Power outage:  a battery back-up system is included.

  • Someone sticks their hand out of the Stiltz while inside?:  Stiltzs infrared safety curtain senses this and the unit stops.

  • Theres something atop / under the unit?:  Stiltz comes with sensors under and atop of the unit. The sensors can detect an object and will stop the unit.

  • Flat and reinforced ceiling beam

  • Electricity:  220v / 15 amp preferred but 110v an option.


  • At least 6-8 inches around all sides of the Stiltz lift

  • Garage placements require an air-tight enclosure


Theres a lot to consider for a lift / home elevator so we suggest taking time to read this link

I’m Ready

Consultation: what happens?

Free:  we schedule a time to learn what you want to achieve. We discuss placement options, take measurements and photos, and send you a quote for the standard installation of a Stiltz lift.


If no 3rd party construction is needed, your Stiltz installation is usually completed within a week:

Day 1: area preparation

Day 2: flooring removal & bracing

Day 3-4: Stiltz unit built

Day 5+: Stiltz tuning & education

Were ready!
Whats next?

Once youve decided which Stiltz lift fits your needs, you place your order with us. You can expect your Stiltz to be shipped in 2-3 weeks. Upon shipping confirmation, we jointly set an installation date.


We recommend your Stiltz lift be serviced once a year in order to function properly and ensure all safety features are working as designed.  Your Stiltz lift comes with a one year service warranty.  Service plans beyond your first year are available for an added cost.

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